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Ashton Hewitt: Dragons Rugby condemn ‘abhorrent’ racist post


Dragons Rugby have reported an incident of racist abuse directed at Ashton Hewitt to local police: “[We are] disgusted and appalled at an abhorrent racist post on social media yesterday targeting Ashton Hewitt. Dragons finds all forms of discriminatory behaviour totally unacceptable”

By Liam Grace

Welsh rugby union side Dragons Rugby say they are “disgusted” and “appalled” at racist abuse aimed at their player Ashton Hewitt on social media.

Hewitt posted a screenshot on his Twitter profile on Friday night, which appeared to show racist abuse he had been tagged in, along with the words: “This is what a Rugby fan somewhere (in Wales I think) wants me to see after a game.”

The incident occurred following the Dragons’ defeat to the Scarlets in Llanelli on New Year’s Day and the PRO14 side released their own statement on Saturday in defence of the 26-year-old from Newport, who has been a vocal supporter of Black Lives Matter and the ongoing global anti-racism movement.

“Dragons Rugby is disgusted and appalled at an abhorrent racist post on social media yesterday evening targeting Ashton Hewitt,” the statement read.

“Dragons finds all forms of discriminatory behaviour totally unacceptable and we condemn it in the strongest possible terms.

“The individual who expressed these views does not represent the values of our game. We thank supporters who have also condemned this post on social media and shown their support for Ashton.

“Dragons take all reports of hate crime extremely seriously. Such behaviour has no place online, in our stadium, in our community or in our game.

“As a region, Dragons Rugby celebrates equality, diversity, respect and inclusion, we firmly stand behind Ashton and continue to fully support his outstanding efforts when trying to eradicate racial prejudice wherever it exists.

“This is a constant battle for Ashton and the region recognises how difficult the past few months have been for him. The matter has now been reported by Dragons Rugby to the Police.”

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