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Chris Eubank Jr. can defeat Gennady Golovkin, but he may lose to Liam Smith on Saturday, according to Carl Froch

Carl Froch evaluates Chris Eubank Jr. vs. Liam Smith, his chances of winning the middleweight world championship, and the stakes of his bout on Saturday.

Either side could win in this fight. Liam Smith’s ability shouldn’t be minimized or undervalued at all because Chris Eubank Jr. is obviously bigger and stronger than him, which is typically the determining factor in boxing.

He sounds as though he will be able to treat Liam Smith anyway he pleases, chatting nonstop about preparing, sautéing, and tenderizing his steak. That’s not going to happen. Too talented for that to be Liam Smith.

Smith is a very talented all-around boxer, but Eubank Jr. has a relentless work ethic and is difficult. He can fight close range, is tough, can punch a little, and has a ton of experience. He is also a fantastic boxer.

Actually, Smith isn’t there to be struck. He looks for the counterpunch and has excellent head movement and defense. His guard is very nice and tight. He is an excellent all-around boxer with good footwork.

Chris Eubank is a little bit out of control. He enjoys trying to box, move, and maintain the defensive stance, especially now that Roy Jones is instructing him. He attempts to be smarter than he actually is, in my opinion. I believe that if you try to overdo Roy Jones’ elusiveness, handspeed, and skill, you could lose versus someone like Liam Smith. so they’ll time you.

As you arrive, they’ll time your activity. They’ll be on the lookout for the counterpunch. Smith has the skills necessary to break up the ring, contain Eubank, and push hard.

Eubank has never won a world championship. That isn’t listed on his resume. Will he ever arrive there? Although we are unsure, I believe he has the potential to make life difficult for some of the best fighters.

It happened to Billy Joe Saunders, as we witnessed. It was a very, very close fight that, in my opinion, could have ended either way. He completed the very last five or six rounds, at the very least, pretty strongly on his front foot.

I’m not sure what else you need to know to convince people that you belong among the best fighters.

He would advance to the next phase, which is going to be a global title, if he can defeat Liam Smith.

if he prevails I haven’t decided who I think will win because this fight may go either way. This may be won by either of these fighters. But if he succeeds in defeating Smith, he must consider competing for the middleweight world championship.

I understand what it’s like to be older than 40, and Gennadiy Golovkin is now over 40. You become slower and less swift. Your reflexes aren’t good, and you’ve passed your prime. Eubank could defeat him without doubt.

Oh that’s crazy, he can’t beat Golovkin, the common response is. Golovkin has changed since he was 35 years old. He is thus undoubtedly defeatable. That much is clear.

Although he continues to be a formidable opponent with a ton of experience, Golovkin has shown signs of struggle, been involved in close fights, and lost, so we know he can be defeated.

But if Golovkin is still competing, Chris Eubank Jr. is free to continue and challenge him.

If Eubank loses, he will have to seriously consider what he intends to do with his career and where he wants to go at the age of 33 and in this stage of his career.

Either act now or never. He must triumph in this fight.

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