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Conor Benn wants to send Amir Khan ‘out to retirement’ and says he only needs one punch to set up a knockout

“I’ve just got to land one in those 12 rounds and as soon as I smell the blood, he ain’t going nowhere,” Conor Benn believes he would inflict a crushing knockout on Amir Khan if they can agree a domestic clash

By Richard Damerell

Conor Benn wants to send Amir Khan ‘out to retirement’ in a British battle and believes he only requires one punch to set up a knockout triumph.

The unbeaten 24-year-old issued a challenge to Khan after stopping Samuel Vargas in just one minute and 22 seconds of a whirlwind victory at the Copper Box Arena on Saturday night.

Benn has voiced his respect for Khan, a former world champion, but the welterweight contender believes he is capable of inflicting a crushing stoppage defeat on the 34-year-old.

“Without a question,” Benn told Sky Sports. “I’m only getting stronger and it’s proven I’m getting stronger.

“I’ve just got to land one. I’ve just got to land one in those 12 rounds and as soon as I smell the blood, he ain’t going nowhere.”

Benn has distanced himself from a Kell Brook fight, revealing how the former IBF champion had offered him advice about Vargas.

But he would relish a domestic clash with Khan, an opportunity to usher the two-weight king into retirement.

“I’d rather Amir, 100 per cent,” said Benn.

“He’s [Brook] spoke to me about tonight and what he thought was going to happen, so with Kell it’s different.

“Khan, again someone I look up to, someone who has achieved everything I want to achieve in the sport, but I would like to beat him and gain his experience.

“I’d like to send him out to retirement, nicely. As nice as possible, anyway.”

Khan has suggested that Benn needs to earn a major title before he would even consider the fight.

He tweeted: “Conor well done. Great kid, wish him the best.

“At his age I was a world champ.

“Maybe if he had some belts that fight would make sense but he’s got a long way to go yet.”

Trainer Tony Sims wants Benn to sharpen his explosive skills with a busy schedule before potentially facing Khan at the end of the year.

“I’ve already been speaking to Eddie [Hearn] about his next fight,” Sims told Sky Sports. “We’re going to sit down and talk.

“Not quite yet, but obviously the Khan fight is a big fight on TV and perhaps down the line. Maybe even by the end of the year, if Eddie can make that.

“But I want a couple more fights with him before that sort of big fight like that.”

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