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Darren Anderton: Jose Mourinho has brought his magic touch to Tottenham

By Chidinma Uchechukwumgemezu

Ex-player Darren Anderton spoke to ‘Marca’ about Tottenham, a different team since José Mourinho has arrived at the club.

Despite Tottenham being on the brink of getting knocked out the Europa League qualifying rounds, the team has managed to turn around the situation and is very alive in the competition. At the same time, they top the Premier League, something that they couldn’t have managed without José Mourinho.

The London side have already faced various of the contenders to win the Premier League and have given reasons to think that they could be the new champion.

Darren Anderton, an ex-Tottenham player, analysed the new situation and thanked José Mourinho for what he has done to put the team where it is: “Tottenham haven’t been top of the table for many years. Mourinho has brought his magic touch and that’s been seen in consecutive games against City, Chelsea and Arsenal, where we’ve not conceded any goals”.

“With Pochettino, Tottenham were nice to watch. He did a great job in his five years and reached the Champions League final. It was fantastic. Mourinho is another style, not as attractive but more effective, reliable. He has a lot of experience and he knows how to win the Premier League”, the ex-player continued to ‘Marca’.

“When Mourinho says something, you have to listen and respect it because he has won trophies all over the place”, Anderton inisted, who encourages Spurs to try and win a trophy, something the team hasn’t achieved since 2008.

Finally, Anderton recalled that Bale is yet to become a regular starter and compared him to Bergwijn. “Bergwijn, who doesn’t have Bale’s quality or goal threat, plays ahead of him because he defends very well. The mentality has changed too. We still haven’t seen the best Bale. Let’s hope he comes soon”.

Spurs face a new test of fire on Wednesday in their title hopes. They are up against the ever-powerful Liverpool at Anfield, reigning champions and the side that beat Spurs in the Champions League final two seasons ago.

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