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Fantasy Football: Harvey Barnes, Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Timo Werner worth consideration

Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Timo Werner provide decent options going forwards; Create or amend your Sky Sports Fantasy Football team

By Billy Lumsden

The business end is in sight for Sky Sports Fantasy Football players.

With plenty of jockeying for positions in their leagues and the overall leaderboard taking shape, it is important to consider where you can get that edge over your opponent.

Looking at fixtures can enhance the prospect, but focusing on where teams may play more games within a period than others is where you could potentially get most joy. Here are three players to consider.

Harvey Barnes – £8.2m

Like getting ahead of the curve? Well then, this is your man. Harvey Barnes has racked up 27 points from his last two fixtures, earning a Man of the Match award in both games against Liverpool and Aston Villa, in which period he scored twice and assisted a goal.

Only two per cent of the top 1,000 players in the game have currently recruited Barnes, proving that he could be a potential steal and a differential, especially with a price of £8.2m. He has found the net nine times this season, with four assists to his name.

Put these figures into Fantasy Football points and it translates to 143. For context, this is just two points behind Manchester City high-flyer Ilkay Gundogan (£8.2m) and it places Barnes third in the midfielder charts this campaign. Value-for-money assured, if you are jumping off Leeds or Brighton players, this is one of the leading candidates to consider.

Dominic Calvert-Lewin – £9.3m

The Everton striker is back among my thoughts and considerations. He came off the bench to play a superb cameo in Everton’s win at Anfield in the Merseyside derby, winning the penalty and earning an assist in the process.

It was his first appearance in three after missing the last two due to injury, before which he netted in consecutive matches against Leeds and Manchester United. It leads me to believe the Fantasy Football returns will roll in again.

We must not forget that the England forward has scored 13 Premier League goals this season. Currently speaking, he is in just 0.3 per cent of the top 1,000 teams, with an individual gameday coming up against Southampton on Monday Night Football. I expect this to increase anywhere between the five and 10 per cent mark by this time next week. Happy hunting.

Timo Werner – £11.1m

Ahead of the Southampton fixture on Saturday, Timo Werner had registered 31 points from his last four matches, which included his first goal in what seems like forever, alongside three assists. It is easy to forget that he has made eight goals this term, as well as the five goals he has scored.

I may be taking a plunge – many expect the goals to come, almost like London buses, in the weeks to come, but I do think that will be the case. After Chelsea navigate their way through clashes with Manchester United and Liverpool in succession, there does seem to feel like there is some light at the end of the tunnel as they welcome Everton.

I am not just talking about this fixture of course, with Leeds, West Brom, Crystal Palace, Brighton, West Ham and Fulham all to follow. Similarly to the Calvert-Lewin case, Werner’s selection percentage (currently in just 2.2 per cent of the top 1,000 teams) will increase quite drastically.

These are all forecasts as you know, but there are transfers to be utilised and points to be made. Do not miss your chance to get one over on your friends and take home the all-important bragging rights.

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