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If Augusta National doesn’t change its mind on permitting players from the LIV Golf Series to compete, a group of 9/11 survivors has vowed to protest at the Masters

Golfers that participated in the controversial LIV Golf tour have been invited, including World No. 3 Cam Smith, Bryson DeChambeau, and Phil Mickelson, one of six previous Masters champions.

If Augusta National Golf Club doesn’t change its mind about inviting players who have competed in the Saudi-sponsored LIV Golf series to the Masters in April, a coalition of 9/11 relatives and survivors says it would protest at the club’s “front door.”

According to a press release from 9/11 Families United, “In the aftermath of 9/11, our country agreed we would ‘Never Forget’ that horrible day.”

“The only reason the Saudis launched LIV was to try to make the world forget who they are and what they did, including their role in 9/11. Anyone who truly vowed to ‘never forget’ should be appalled by the decision by these golfers to put money ahead of their own country.

“We are urging Augusta National to reconsider its open-door policy for the LIV golfers on behalf of 9/11 Families United. We will be at their door to protest in April if they are welcomed with open arms.”

Although the Saudi government has long denied any role in the attacks, 15 of the 19 al Qaeda terrorists who hijacked four planes on September 11, 2001, were Saudi citizens.

The relatives of the deceased have sought for further information, and the FBI last year made a report on its investigation into the alleged logistical help that at least two hijackers received from a Saudi consular employee and a suspected Saudi intelligence operative in Los Angeles.

The 9/11 Commission, which Congress had formed, said in 2004 that it had not discovered any proof that the Saudi government as a whole or top Saudi officials personally sponsored al Qaeda.

Terry Strada, the National Chair of 9/11 Families United, urged Mickelson, DeChambeau, Dustin Johnson, Patrick Reed, and Kevin Na to withdraw from LIV Golf’s first event in London in June. All six players have received invitations to the April Masters.

Mickelson declared in June that he had “deep empathy” for the 9/11 terror attack victims.

“I would say to the Strada family, I would say to everyone that has lost loved ones, lost friends on 9/11 that I have deep, deep empathy for them. I can’t emphasize that enough,” the six-time major winner said when questioned by reporters during a news conference.

“I have the deepest of sympathy and empathy for them.”

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