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Jakub Jankto of Czechoslovakia is the first active male international football player to come out as gay

The first active international men’s player to come out as gay is Czech football sensation Jakub Jankto.

Jankto added in a video posted to social media on Monday that I have my strengths, I have my flaws; I have a family, I have my friends.

I have a job, and I’ve been doing it the best I can for years with a real commitment to professionalism and devotion. Like everyone else, I want to live in freedom, free from fear, discrimination, and violence, but with love.

I don’t want to hide the fact that I’m gay any longer.

Currently on loan from Spanish club Getafe, the 27-year-old midfielder is playing for Sparta Prague.

The player’s Czech Republic-based squad released the following statement in support of him: Jakub Jankto recently discussed his sexual orientation with the club’s management, coach, and teammates.

No more remarks. Stop asking questions. We are behind you. Jakub, live your life. Nothing else is important.

Getafe posted a message of support for Jakub Jankto in which it stated: “Our full respect and absolute support for our footballer.

Since his debut in 2017, Jankto has played 45 times for his nation and scored four goals.

Organizations related to football also endorsed Jankto. “Well done, Jakub,” the governing body of European football, wrote. European football is with you, and you’re a great inspiration!

Fifpro, the global union for players, tweeted: “Live your life, Jakub. Proud.”

Josh Cavallo from Australia and Jankto are the only out homosexual male football players playing in the world’s top division. In May 2022, 18-year-old Blackpool striker Jake Daniels made his debut. He plays in England’s second division.

After retiring, Thomas Hitzlsperger, a midfielder who appeared 52 times for Germany, returned to the field.

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