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Juan Francisco Estrada defeats Roman Gonzalez in rematch to unify WBC and WBA super-flyweight titles

Juan Francisco Estrada beats Roman Gonzalez by split decision to unify WBC and WBA super-flyweight titles. The Mexican had suffered a unanimous decision loss to the Nicaraguan in their first fight in 2012.

Juan Franciso Estrada gained revenge over Roman Gonzalez with a split decision victory to unify the WBC and WBA super-flyweight titles in Dallas.

The Mexican shared another enthralling fight with Gonzalez, gaining victory with a generous score of 117-111 and 115-113, while the third judge scored it 115-113 to the Nicaraguan to spark calls for a third fight.

Estrada, who was beaten by unanimous decision in their first fight in 2012, felt he edged out Gonzalez on the scorecards.

“I think I did enough to win,” Estrada told DAZN.

“I knew it was a close fight. I didn’t know if I was up or down, but I needed to close out the fight in the last two rounds.”

After a tense opener, Estrada fired out a fierce right hand, forcing Gonzalez back to the ropes in the second round.

Fighting at a frenetic pace, Estrada pumped out a swift combination in the fourth round, while a jolting uppercut stopped Gonzalez in his tracks in the sixth.

But Estrada was knocked off balance in the ninth during a determined late rally from Gonzalez, who landed more crisp punches at close quarters in the 10th.

Both men stood and traded during a thrilling 11th, although Gonzalez ended strongly by hurting Estrada with a right hand in the closing minute.

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