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Miami Dolphins consider 15,000 attendance limit

The Miami Dolphins have drawn up plans for new entrances and a large reduction in fan attendance for the 2020 season at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla., due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Dolphins president Tom Garfinkel revealed the plans Monday on Good Morning America.

“We would have times to come in for security at different gates so people would be separated out in terms of when they enter the stadium,” Garfinkel said. “We would exit the stadium much like a church environment, where each row exits so people aren’t filing out all at the same time in a herd.”

The Good Morning America segment featured renderings that showed designated spots for fans to stand in line and follow guidelines for social distance. Hard Rock Stadium has 65,000 seats, but the Dolphins said allowed attendance could drop to 15,000 fans in 2020. Fans would be required to wear masks.

The Dolphins plans also include scheduled arrivals and helping fans exit the stadium. Attendees would also be able to order food from their seats and pick it up instead of forming lines.

Hard Rock Stadium and the Global Biorisk Advisory Council announced Tuesday that they are committed to making the stadium the first public facility to receive GBAC STAR accreditation. Hard Rock Stadium will complete 20 program elements with specific criteria to receive the designation for cleaning, disinfecting and infectious disease prevention.

The NFL will announce the full 2020 schedule Thursday. The season will start Sept. 10, with the Super Bowl set for Feb. 7. League officials announced Monday that no international games will played in 2020.

The NFL has discussed a suspension of the season until October or games in empty stadiums this season, depending on the status of the coronavirus.

NFL team facilities are closed and will remain that way until each state with an NFL team lifts its stay-at-home mandate. Players, coaches and league staff members have used video conference software to communicate virtually during the pandemic.


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