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NBA to allow larger active rosters for games

With an eye toward NBA players missing games due to the coronavirus pandemic, the league will allow teams to have 15 active players each game this season, two more than previously.

The league’s Board of Governors gave approval to the larger roster on Thursday. Previously, teams were allowed to have 15 players on the roster, but only 13 could be designated as active for a game.

Teams also retain the option of having two roster spots for players who have been signed to “two-way” contracts, such as prospects from the G League.

In a separate decision, the Board of Governors backed the league’s Competition Committee recommendation to make the coach’s challenge a regular part of league rules.

In effect on a one-year trial basis a season ago, coaches could ask for a replay review on some calls.

Saying coaches were “receptive to the pilot version,” NBA President of League Operations Byron Spruell added that they became more comfortable “with the concept and strategic aspects as the season progressed.”

A statement from the league said that coaches challenged 633 calls during the regular season, with 281 reversals upon review. In the postseason, 27 of 67 challenges were reversed.

The season is scheduled to start Tuesday with a pair of games, the Golden State Warriors visiting the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Clippers meeting the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers.

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