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Pirates star Chris Archer gives parents cars for Christmas gift

Pittsburgh Pirates star Chris Archer surprised his parents by buying them two new cars for Christmas. He posted an emotional video of the exchange on Instagram.

Archer posted the video Tuesday. He filmed it in his hometown of Clayton, N.C. Donna and Ron Archer became Archer’s legal parents by adopting him when he was 3. Donna is Chris’ maternal grandmother.

Never felt more joy than this moment,” Archer wrote for the caption on the social media clip.

The video featured Archer walking out to a white Chevrolet sedan while holding keys. He led his parents out the car before opening the door and presenting them with the vehicle. R. Kelly’s I believe I Can Fly was playing on the car’s stereo.

“You’ve got your own new car, guys,” Archer said.

Archer exchanged hugs with his parents, before another surprise. A black Chevrolet Camaro then rolled into the driveway, behind the other car.

“You like Camaros, right dad?” Archer asked his dad.
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Archer’s dad then started crying, before being hugged by his son. Several Major League Baseball players commented on the post, including Serio Romo, Kevin Pillar, Gregory Polanco and Willy Adames.

“Hey Merry Christmas to you and yours homie,” Romo wrote on the Instagram post. “Hey what an amazing person you are! I’m proud of you. What a blessing!”

Archer, 31, posted a 5.19 ERA and went 3-0 in 23 starts last season for the Pirates. The two-time All-Star signed a six-year, $25.5 million contract extension with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2014, before being traded to the Pirates in 2018.

He had a $7.6 million salary last season and is set to make $9 million in 2020. Archer has an $11 million team option with the Pirates in 2021.

The veteran right-handed pitcher owns a career 3.86 ERA with a 60-80 record in 212 appearances. Archer made his MLB debut in 2012 with the Rays, after being selected by the Cleveland Indians in the fifth round of the 2006 MLB Draft.

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