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Spurs’ Becky Hammon makes history as first woman to coach NBA game

By Alex Butler

Becky Hammon of the San Antonio Spurs made history as the first woman to coach an NBA regular season game when she filled in for Gregg Popovich after he was ejected during a game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Hammon, 43, took over the role with 3:56 remaining in the second quarter of the 121-107 loss on Wednesday at the AT&T Center in Los Angeles.

“I did not walk into the arena thinking I would be coaching,” Hammon told reporters.

The Spurs hired Hammon in 2014 as a the first female assistant coach in NBA history. She enjoyed a 16-year career as a WNBA player before she joined the Spurs staff. Hammon was a six-time All-Star.

“Obviously, it’s a big deal,” Hammon said of coaching her first game.

“It’s a substantial moment. I’ve been a part of this organization, I got traded here in 2007, so I’ve been in San Antonio and part of the Spurs and sports organization with the Stars and everything for 13 years. So I have a lot of time invested, and they have a lot of time invested in me, in building me and getting me better.”

The Spurs (2-2) face the Lakers again at 8 p.m. EST on Friday in San Antonio.

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