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Types of Lenny Faces That are In Trend

In a world where anything and everything is just a click away, and there are updates every passing hour for some or the other thing, it’s important to keep yourself involved in all the ongoing activities.

And without a doubt, texting is one of the most famous means of communicating with each other in the 21st century. It basically transcends geographical boundaries. No matter where you are, and regardless of where your family member or friend is, you can talk with them anywhere and everywhere if you just have a smartphone with a good internet connection.

Check Out These Unique Kaomoji Emoticons

Cute heart text symbol are nothing but the collective usage of various Unicode characters. Many signs are put together, that frame a human emotion. Just like those yellow emojis, they also express different kinds of human emotions. And we present you with some of those cool text emojis.

Shrug Face

Remember that shrugging lady in a purple top and that man in the blue shirt in those yellow emojis? You can create that in lenny faces as well. How cool is that! The shrug face usually showcases ignorance, indifference, self-acceptance, passive-aggression, annoyance, giving up, or not knowing what to make of something. Probably one of the most enduring Kaomojis is the shrug. It can also be the representation of the verbal code “I don’t care” or “Whatever!!!”

Flipping and Throwing Things Emoticon

All of us get into an irritated and angry mood once in a while. And this kaomoji does perfect justice to our emotion, to how pissed we really are! This kaomoji with flipping and throwing things showcases the anger emotions of a person. He/she is so pissed that they are throwing things around. So, when you’re in anger, just send this kaomoji to show ‘how much’ angry you really are!

Apologizing Emoticon

People make mistakes and screw up sometimes, after all, we all are humans eventually. If you ever make mistake, and God forbids, hurt your loved one then you can send this emoticon to lighten up the mood a little. These kinds of emoticons are cute and super amazing. People have been using them for quite some time now, you too can join them!

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