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MLB to consider short season after players’ 114-game offer

MLB team owners, league officials and players continue negotiations for resuming a 2020 season after it was suspended due to the coronavirus. owners now are considering a 50-game season to counter the players’ 114-game offer.

Sources told and The Athletic about the owners’ idea for a shortened season, which was reported after the MLB Players Association on Sunday proposed a 114-game season. The owners also are considering a July start to the regular season. The players proposed a June 30 start.

The MLB season was suspended in mid-March while players were in spring training. The regular season was scheduled to start March 26.

MLB owners’ latest discussions included players receiving full prorated salaries. owners and players agreed to the full prorated salaries in March. Team owners do not yet plan to present their latest ideas as an offer to the players.

Players and owners have gone back and forth on the terms of a potential season return related to salaries and the number of games. owners prefer lower salaries and fewer games, while the players prefer higher salaries and more games.

Teams would make less money if fans are not allowed to attend games, which has led owners to push for lower player salaries and fewer games.

The players’ proposal on Sunday included an offer to receive 70.3 percent of their original salaries. A 50-game schedule would pay the players 30.8 percent of the salary they would have received for 114 games. Players and owners also have discussed an 82-game season.


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