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Northwestern’s Brandon Joseph makes defensive play of the year in Big Ten title game

Scott Boeck

Northwestern’s Brandon Joseph just made the defensive play of the year against Ohio State in the Big Ten championship game.

The freshman defensive back made an insane one-handed interception in the end zone, wiping out Ohio State’s chances of taking the lead with 36 seconds left in the first half.

The interception left quarterback Justin Fields and the Buckeyes stunned. The replay shows the athleticism and degree of difficulty Joseph made on the catch intended for wide receiver Garrett Wilson.

The Wildcats took a 10-6 lead deep into the third quarter.

Joseph, the Big Ten Freshman of the Year, leads the nation with six interceptions in eight games.

The Buckeyes have had four trips inside the 30-yard line and come away with just two field goals. It’s the first time since 2018 that Ohio State hadn’t scored a touchdown in the first half.

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