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Free Minecraft auto clicker software

Auto Clicker is just what you are looking for. Learn about all features from here. Auto Clicker for Minecraft – Are you looking for something that can make it easy to kill bosses in Minecraft?

Minecraft Auto Clicker

Minecraft Auto Clicker is an online tool that helps Minecraft players to get items and XP with just a few clicks.

Auto Clicker Gameplay

Auto Clicker for Minecraft is a freeware tool that simplifies gameplay by “clicking” or “auto-clicking” so that players can focus on building and fighting. This tool is especially useful for players who don’t like to click manually or lazy players. Auto clicker for Minecraft allows players to do things simultaneously instead of clicking all over.

Auto Clicker Features

The most important feature of Auto Clicker for Minecraft is its simplicity. There are very few configuration options and the tool works intuitively, allowing users to benefit from the feature without having to read a long instruction manual. The main options for this tool are listed below:

This tool has a GUI that is convenient for use, and it is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Auto clicker is software for Windows, Mac and Linux that performs repetitive clicks or keystrokes. It is mainly used to automatically click the mouse on the computer game Minecraft which causes characters to automatically mine blocks and move items. It has been used by over a million Minecraft players around the world.

The program was created by Davis Moore, a software developer, in 2012 after he saw others using the repetitive click function of Auto Hotkey. His program was originally called AutoBot (later renamed Auto Clicker) and had around 5,000 users when it was released. It gained popularity when YouTuber “Rage” used it to complete a challenge to mine 1000 obsidian blocks in Minecraft within an hour. A Twitch streamer named “Fuzziness” also streamed his use of the program on Twitch, at one point using it to do 52 clicks per second.

After its introduction, other developers have created similar programs which do more than how to use click mouse in gamming or press keys on the keyboard automatically (for example, they can open doors on their own in the game). These programs may include other features such as modifying your character’s inventory weight.


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