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Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury fight is backed to be staged at Wembley Stadium by Mayor of London

“I put this fight up there as the biggest sporting event of 2021,” Promoter Eddie Hearn will receive backing from the Mayor of London if he attempts to stage Anthony Joshua versus Tyson Fury at Wembley

By Richard Damerell

Plans to stage Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury at Wembley have received a boost after the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan pledged his support to promoter Eddie Hearn.

The Matchroom boss will present “multiple” venue options to Joshua and Fury this week, including the possibility of staging the undisputed world heavyweight title fight at the national stadium on July 24.

Khan has welcomed the prospect of Britain’s rival champions sharing the ring in the capital, insisting that he is happy to discuss the ambitious plans with Hearn.

“Eddie Hearn can do anything,” Khan told SNTV. “I mean this guy is amazing. I call Eddie a friend, I’m a fan of his.

“The fact that he pulled off Joshua-Klitschko, 90,000 was impressive. We worked closely with him.

“I’m keen to see Joshua-Fury, I think it will be amazing. I’m not going to tell you who I’m backing, but wouldn’t it be great to see those two great boxers, world champions, boxing amongst their own fans. Both Tyson and Anthony will tell you how grateful they are to their fans in this country.

“Eddie knows how to reach me. We’ll do what we can to support Eddie. I appreciate there’s politics in boxing as well. I appreciate there’s issues around broadcasting, there’s issues around sponsorship, but if Eddie and the teams want to have the fight in London, we’re ready.”

Wembley is set to welcome back at least 25 per cent capacity at Euro 2020, and may host more fans for the semi-finals and final, Sky Sports News confirmed this week.

Hearn has told Sky Sports: “When you look at the Wembley option, which is still teetering around. Maybe unrealistic, but it’s another option that we’d like to present.

“That would be July 24th, for example, which is the end of the Euro period. Once you start going too deep into August, you’ve got the Olympics and so forth.

“I put this fight up there as the biggest sporting event of 2021. I know the Olympics is a big period. This is massive. This is something the whole world will stop to watch.”

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